About Infrared Testing, Inc.

Founded in 1990 by Terry Malagoli, Infrared Testing, Inc. (ITI) is a leading thermographic inspection company whose expertise is in helping to prevent and control property loss. ITI’s certified infrared thermographers have conducted over 350,000 inspections in more than 50 countries.

We employ a staff of ASNT SNT-TC-1A trained and certified thermographers stationed throughout the United States and operating globally. ITI thermographers follow test parameters, protocols and results as identified in the ANSI / NETA – Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems, as well as those identified in NFPA 70 B & 70E. 

Our nondestructive, high-tech infrared imaging allows us to find problems before the human eye can see them. Our services can prevent equipment failure, business interruption or fire – all of which can result in devastating expense. All inspection reports and processing takes place at our corporate offices, allowing ITI to maintain one centralized quality control process. 

About Terry Malagoli 

Terry Malagoli, Founder and CEO

Terry Malagoli is an entrepreneur in the infrared industry with decades of experience fostering business growth and pioneering new technologies. He graduated from East Carolina College with a degree in business and worked as a sales manager in manufacturing, during which time he learned firsthand the importance of strong client relations. While working in sales, Mr. Malagoli was also introduced to infrared thermography and predicted great promise in the nascent industry. With only a vision and his personal savings, Mr. Malagoli founded Infrared Testing (ITI) in 1990. While ITI has grown into a global leader in the infrared industry, continually diversifying into new realms such as drone technology, Mr. Malagoli has ensured that under his leadership, the company has maintained its small business, customer-oriented focus.

How Infrared Testing, Inc. Began 

Terry Malagoli started Infrared Testing Inc. (ITI) in a garage in 1990. In the beginning, he did it all – selling the services, performing the inspections, creating the reports and looking for investors. He knew that clients are the key to a company's growth and success, and client satisfaction remains at the core of ITI’s business.

Soon ITI retained a small number of clients but not enough to take the company to the next level. In order to grow, Mr. Malagoli partnered with a large corporation to provide ITI’s unique service to its clients. Continued growth afforded Mr. Malagoli the opportunity to buy out his investors and expand company value to the insurance industry.

Mr. Malagoli bought back the shares of the company and ITI was once again independent and owned by its founder. Mr. Malagoli brought in his son, Dan, to carve out a new marketing program to keep the company moving forward.