Case Studies

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Drive Panel Anomaly

Client in packaging industry had a history of electrical equipment breakdowns mainly located in control panels and equipment associated with production lines, including multiple press drive motor fires. ITI worked with client to build a program that focused on the areas of concern and historical disruptions. By identifying emerging and existing electrical anomalies prior to equipment breakdown, our failure client has realized tremendous savings and up time.

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Disconnect Anomaly

A rise in temperature of 91°F was discovered in a client's Compressor Room. Besides the fuse clip being worn, the middle phase was discovered to be overloaded so balancing the amperage on all three phases was also recommended.

Utility Power Pole Anomaly

Utility-owned, pole-mounted transformer feeding a small manufacturing plant failed causing a three-day business interruption to the client. ITI identified multiple hot splice connections on the new transformer during inspection immediately following the outage. Utility was able to make repairs to new transformer connections without further disruption to client operations