Infrared Drone Inspection

We perform infrared drone inspections for envelope and roof surveys, as well as solar panel and wind turbine inspections.

Building Envelope and Roof Surveys

Pairing our thermal imaging expertise with cutting-edge drone technology, ITI's custom thermal drones can efficiently scan for energy loss and moisture damage on every inch of a building from base to roof – no matter the size.

Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Inspections

With aerial infrared inspections of solar energy systems, ITI pinpoints problems such as photovoltaic cell degradation and wind turbine blade integrity, monitoring system health to save both energy and money.

How an Infrared Drone Inspection Works

Faster and clearer than walking inspections, infrared drone inspections rely on a single drone to assess the situation. We use DJI drones – considered the industry leader – for our inspections which allows us to analyze images at a much quicker pace.