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Building envelope inspections often are a part of the commissioning process prior to turning over new construction, as well as a warranty or due diligence inspection when acquiring a property. Properties looking to acquire LEED certification or other building certifications need these inspections. Building envelope inspections (curtain wall inspections) find thermal performance problems with windows and wall assemblies and identify:

  • Air infiltration

  • Air exfiltration

  • Insulation voids

  • Loose external wall decorative panels

  • Moisture penetration wall and window assemblies

  • Window and door seal leakage

Once construction is complete, we inspect a facility’s energy performance and look for loss. In dense urban areas, our drone envelope inspections allow us to survey properties without having to interrupt nearby businesses. These inspections are done as needed as part of the commissioning or certification process, or when energy costs seem to suddenly increase.

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