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Our infrared electrical inspections provide solutions to emerging and existing issues in electrical and mechanical equipment. We reduce unscheduled downtime due to equipment failures and significantly reduce the risk of electrical fire.

With an infrared electrical inspection, companies learn:

  • The status of their facilities’ electrical equipment

  • Issues currently affecting the status of equipment and efficiency of power usage

  • Ways to extend the equipment’s useful life

  • Clear mitigation solutions

While we customize all of our proposals, some aspects of an infrared electrical inspection are standard. Our infrared equipment detects hotspots in electrical systems. This can take one hour or multiple days depending on the size of the property and assistance from the facility team. We provide a comprehensive report including the severity of the problem and recommended corrective measures.

Infrared electrical inspections should be performed annually. We adhere to the NFPA-70E recommendations which may lead to a more frequent inspection schedule.

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