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We perform ultrasound inspections at all voltages (low, medium, high). Failures in switchgear, transformers, insulators, disconnects and splices can be catastrophic. Electrical discharges such as arcing, tracking (mini-arcs) or in higher voltages (1000V and above) corona have the potential to cause equipment failure and costly business interruptions.

Ultrasound electrical inspections can be included with infrared electrical inspections or as a standalone inspection. This type of inspection is also effective for steam trap testing, leak detection, valve testing, bearings and mechanical equipment (pumps and motors).

We use an ultrasound probe to listen for ultrasonic waves that may indicate a problem. Ultrasonic inspections are done when we cannot open a panel for an infrared inspection, or upon request. Because many variables affect ultrasonic inspections, we include our findings in our report but often advise further investigation during a building’s shut down and maintenance period. We suggest an ultrasonic inspection twice a year or quarterly depending on the size of the facility, insurance recommendations and corporate mandates.

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