There is an old adage which says, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” When it comes to protecting your facility from loss, we know that this is simply not the case. Faulty fuses, loose connections and overloaded circuits not visible to the human eye are often overlooked during routine inspections. Without the use of high-tech infrared imaging, many of these problems go unnoticed until disaster strikes. Subsequent equipment failure, business interruption or fire can result in devastating expense.

The importance of preventative care is widely accepted as it relates to our physical health. To ensure our medical well-being, we undergo regular physical examinations. We believe this concept of preventative care should also be applied to our offices and manufacturing facilities. With a preventive maintenance program using infrared technology, you can uncover the mysteries lying deep within the housings of equipment and the walls of your facility and prevent unexpected problems.

In the last twenty years, thermographic testing has become the most effective tools in discovering potential breakdowns of electrical and mechanical equipment and reducing the risk of fire. Infrared Testing, Inc. (ITI) is a leading thermographic inspection company whose expertise is in preventing and controlling property loss. ITI can provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of your facility and equipment.

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