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Global Infrared Thermography, Ultrasound and Drone Services


Infrared Electrical Inspections

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70B) mandates at least yearly infrared electrical testing for all buildings, regardless of age.  IR testing pinpoints problems in electrical systems to improve equipment longevity and prevent energy waste, electrical outages and fires. 

Infrared Drone Inspections

ITI certified UAV pilot thermographers conduct exterior testing - from building envelopes and roofs, to solar panels and wind turbines, to substations and electrical transmission lines -  safely and efficiently by thermal drones. 

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Infrared Roof Inspections

Thermographic roof inspections nondestructively gage roof conditions and isolate moisture damage within roof membranes before extensive damage occurs. 

Sustainable Energy
Solar Panel & Wind Turbine Inspections

With aerial infrared solar system and wind turbine inspections, ITI diagnoses problems such as photovoltaic cell degradation and wind turbine blade integrity, monitoring system health to save both energy and money.

Building Envelope Inspections

Infrared envelope inspections are an essential tool to verify new contraction and evaluate building exteriors for facade integrity and energy loss.  ITI conducts 360 degree infrared envelope inspections by drone to fully assess all buildings - low to high rise - from every angle.  

Radiant Heat Testing

ITI maps underground radiant heat systems, using thermography to identify damaged areas and emerging problems before catastrophic failure, without expensive floor damage and digging. 



Founded in 1990, with a staff of one and a single green desk, Infrared testing Inc. has bourgeoned into a globally operating company and an infrared industry leader, with three decades of expertise in helping to prevent and control property loss. Today, ITI has conducted over 350,000 inspections in more than 50 countries.

ITI employs a team of ASNT SNT-TC-1A trained and certified level I, II and III thermographers stationed throughout the United States and operating globally. ITI thermographers follow test parameters, protocols and results as identified in the ANSI / NETA – Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems, as well as those identified in NFPA 70 B & 70E.  ITI certified UAV thermographers are specially trained in drone thermography, hold Part 107 FAA drone licenses and follow all FAA requirements. 

Founder and CEO Terry Malagoli has pushed the company towards continual innovation with infrared technology advances, to further protect life and property, while maintaining ITI’s customer-oriented focus. 




Client in packaging industry had a history of electrical equipment breakdowns mainly located in control panels and equipment associated with production lines, including multiple press drive motor fires. ITI worked with client to build a program that focused on the areas of concern and historical disruptions. By identifying emerging and existing electrical anomalies prior to equipment breakdown, our failure client has realized tremendous savings and up time.


A rise in temperature of 91°F was discovered in a client's Compressor Room. Besides the fuse clip being worn, the middle phase was discovered to be overloaded so balancing the amperage on all three phases was also recommended.


Utility-owned, pole-mounted transformer feeding a small manufacturing plant failed causing a three-day business interruption to the client. ITI identified multiple hot splice connections on the new transformer during inspection immediately following the outage. Utility was able to make repairs to new transformer connections without further disruption to client operations


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Infrared Testing has thermographers based nationwide and available internationally.  For any inquiries, questions or to get a quote, please fill out the below form


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